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About Dorsa:

In 1996, our company has established in the large industrial complex in Eshtehard Industrial Zone with permission from authorized governmental departments. With our experts and efforts, the Production of Paints and Resins have started in year 1999.

Dorsa Chemie Companyis honored to announce its capability and production capacity to produce 22,000 MT of above – mentioned productions annually by using its modern machinery and high – level experts to fulfill our industrial requirements.

Dorsa Chemie Companyvision is developing R&D (Research & development) plants to achieve better quality, increase quality and fair prices to complete worldwide market and aiming our customer satisfaction by using high tech.

Dorsa Chemie Companyhas been trying to produce new products and we run new production lines such as Spray Paint and Long Oil Alkyd Resins. This has made the important role of Dorsa Chemie Co. in developing our industry. The company was succeeded to receive National Standard on year 2008. Our company holds the ISO/TS 29001:2003 and ISO 9001:2000 (FromTUV Germany) and currently is engaged to install the new production line to produce LIQUID STABILAIZERS under the license of one of the world leading companies. This will enable us to export industrial products to neighbors and region countries.

We produce the following products currently:

- Decorative paints

- Automotive paints

- Architectural paints, Multipurpose paint spray.

- Industrial paints, (Epoxy, Poly Urethane, Stoveing Alkyd Amine . . .)

- Saturated, unsaturated and different kinds of Alkyd Resins.

- Top-Quality Resins (Alkyds, Nitrocellulose, . . .) for vast number of applications in the paint and ink industry.

- Ba, Cd and Zinc based liquid stabilizers.

      and wide range of other items produces for the special requirements of customers.

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