Alkyd Resins
Alkyd Resins
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Alkyd Resins


Alkyd Resins:

  At present, industrial resins used in color making industries have been produced in different types and also one of the most important and consumed resins are Alkyd Resins.

  There resins have been produces in the world over 80 years and resin making industries in Iran have developed abundantly. Dorsa Chemie Co., as one the active units in this industry and in order to commit his own responsibility for increasing state industrial products play an important role in meeting needs of domestic color making units and some neighbor countries by installing and operating mechanized product lines and using modern technology.

  Alkyd Resins have been categorized in 3 different groups: High grease, Medium grease, short grease and are produced in different kinds and various properties for different consumptions and disturbed to market by Dorsa Chemie Co.

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