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The project of Liquid Stabilizers under license of CHEMSERVE SYSTEM PLY is under application in Dorsa Chemie Mfg Co. These products are used in P.V.C industries including the production of various kinds of compounds of P.V.C and P.V.C plastisols and P.V.C foams. These products not only supply the domestic needs, but also provide the requirements of other countries in the region more over such products would save the freight exchanges and would increase incomes of merchandise other than oil.

Along with the commence of construction and establishment operation of the factory and the production lines, Dorsa Chemie Mfg Co. has prepared a space appropriate for libratory according to the anticipated improvement and  has equipped the quality control Lab. units with precise machinery and apparatus .

Dorsa Chemie Mfg Co. attends to improve the quality of products and conform it to the universal standard levels through its Lab. facilities and specialized and skilled personnel.


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